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Founded by Loo family and established in 1982, Surco Enterprise offers over 40 years combined expertise and knowledge of snooker, billiard and tradirional joinery services.

We are an experienced, professional and completing specialist in manufacturing snooker, billiard table, beside that Surco Snooker also export the snooker accessories, wood material etc rubber wood to oversea. To build the highest quality of product, we import material for manufacturing as well, Strachan, Riley, Hainsworth, the snooker table cloth, was some of material that we imported.

Technical experience, traditional techniques and design flair, we provide a visible, high profile, cost effective solution for all your snooker, and wood-working requirements.

Services is our main concern why the client choose us, we provide best services, deliver on time, and having long term business when the clients sign up with us.

Our mission, aiming exportation to international market and be the most quality and the best snooker table manufacturing in Malaysia.